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One more thing before I go.

One more thing before I go.

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Brb going to AX with my OC RP friends

Brb going to AX with my OC RP friends

Are you the Shia Labeouf blog?!?



who wants to know

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I’m on the Kagerou Project wikia just to try and make more sense of things.  I go to Konoha’s page and:


… Really?

watch out

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SO AX IS LIKE A WEEK AWAY AND I KEEP FORGETTING TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT WE’LL BE AT A26 THIS YEAR!!! That’s right, FIRST ROW near the copic booth!!! You can find us under the name “Nacho Party” on the AX map brochure thing!

And by us I mean me and my buddy slidetonyslide ! We have cool art and lots of stuff and it’s awesome and we’re nice!

And thank you sayonararolling for the AX map template!

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for meaka

for meaka

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Kagepro stickers for AX.

Kagepro stickers for AX.

Woah your OC is cute!! Can you tell us a little bit about him?


Thanks!! But I was wondering if you mean Jonah or Dante?

Jonah’s backstory is right here!

And Dante’s story fortunately easier to tell: He’s a (Jonah) clone that can actually shape shift thanks for a weird DNA mutation. Although he’s physically 10, he’s got the mentality of a four year old due to lack of life experience. I made him just for fun dsjlakdlaskj /lays down

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Alternatively, I also made Jonah icons.

I need to make Tony next for a friend.

Again, sorry about the pixelating.

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